Create your own
Trump-free zone


and show the world Donald Trump isn’t welcome near you.


An open letter to the world


Hello citizen of the world,

In Belgium, just like in the rest of the world, the American primary elections frequently hit the news. Unfortunately, it are often Donald Trump’s despicable proposals and insane statements that draw most of the attention. Personally we have been outraged by the man’s remarks for quite some time now. On top of that, he recently announced his plan to keep all Muslims out of the US. To you, to us and to a lot of other people in and outside the US, this is clearly the straw that breaks the camel’s back…

Make your personal No Trump Zone

Dump Trump with a krumb

1. Download Krumb for iOS or Android
and create a new user profile. If you want to stay anonymous, use a nickname.

Krumb is a free application that allows you to post location-based messages (= krumbs). Your message will stay attached to the location where you post it, visible for every Krumb-user within a radius of 350 meters.


 2. Make or select a picture of your choice
(a selfie, a building, a monument, the location where you are, a previous made picture…)
and add #NoTrumpZone 
as a text message.

NoTrumpZone HOW TO

3. Drop your anti-Trump krumb at an actual location of choice
(at home, at work, in the supermarket, your favorite park, a bar, a sports stadium…)

Note: You can not drop a krumb to a certain location from a distance. You have to be at the actual location itself.
Your krumb will be marked on our world map (see bottom of this website).
We only show the location, not your actual picture.


4. Well done! You made it clear Donald Trump isn’t welcome within a radius of 350 meters.

Other Krumb-users will discover your Trump-free zone(s) in real life when they enter the zone.
The same way you can discover other’s No Trump Zones.


5. Spread the word and keep dumping Trump with krumbs (it’s not limited to one zone per user).


The actual pictures you use for your krumbs won’t be visible on our website. We only mark the location of your krumbs on our world map, a feature only provided on the website.

Krumb-users will only see your krumbs if they come within the radius of 350 meters. However, you also have the possibility to select who can see your krumbs: the world, your followers or specific persons only (you get the option just before posting).

For other privacy-related issues you can contact us at


Let’s make the world a better place,
to start with a Trump-free place.

691 No Trump Zones
in 20 participating countries & counting…